jelly beansFor over fifty years, Volunteer West Island has recruited enthusiastic,  skilled and dedicated volunteers to meet the diverse needs of the Montreal West Island community.  Volunteers mentor our children, feed our hungry, comfort the lonely, beautify our green spaces and provide front-line services to support hundreds of groups and charitable organizations.   Volunteerism is a vehicle for social inclusion, citizen engagement, skills-development, and enhancing democracy.


I want to volunteer

If you are an individual looking for a way to help in the community, we’d like to help you find the right volunteer opportunity for you.

Youth volunteering

If you’re between 12-24 years old, there is a whole range of volunteer opportunities that gives you the chance to change lives, including your own!

Corporate volunteering

With corporate volunteers and community organizations working together, there are endless possibilities for making our community a better place to live, work, and play!

Volunteer opportunities

View a list of some of the volunteer opportunities currently available.


We help our volunteers

Over 1000 West Island volunteers are the providers of the Meals on Wheels, Frozen Meals and other community program initiatives. We ensure that adequate resources are developed, shared, and coordinated to support the volunteers in their efforts.

Regardless of the methods of support that are utilized, it is useful to ensure they address the following principles of support:

  • Accessibility: Volunteers must be able to access the support. This means the support must be available at appropriate times and places and in forms that the volunteers can use. Volunteer West Island has a resource person available to all in-house volunteers.
  • Flexibility: Support strategies provided should accommodate the needs of individuals.
  • Appropriateness: Support strategies should be applicable to the work that the volunteers are undertaking.
  • Shared responsibility: Support comes from a variety of sources both from within the organization, through staff and other volunteers but also through friends and relatives and other contacts.

Volunteering, a place for everyone

VWI welcome all individuals who have the passion and objective to better their environment, and it is extremely beneficial to increase the recruitment of volunteers with mild intellectual and developmental disabilities.  It is our responsibility as community builders and advocates to become accommodating to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Recruiting volunteers with intellectual or developmental disabilities equally benefits the organizations that receive them.  Not only do groups earn a greater volume of hardworking, invested volunteers, the community has the potential to become more integrative, inclusive and accommodating.

If you wish to know more or to get involved, call us at (514) 457-5445 and ask for VWI’s Outreach Volunteer Coordinator.