Corporate volunteering

Corporate volunteering

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Corporate citizenship

Many companies include in their Mission Statement the crucial component of social responsibility, in terms of giving back to the community in which they are located through employee volunteer programs.

Volunteer West Island welcomes volunteers from all walks of life and areas of expertise and is fortunate to have a number of dedicated corporate partners who contribute their time and talents to making a difference in our community.

How companies benefit

Research findings show that, along with increased company visibility in the community and recognition as a good corporate citizen, group volunteer work results in growth of team building, job satisfaction, and employee retention. In addition, there is the knowledge that your company has made a difference in your community!

What we can do for your company

Volunteer West Island is able to offer a choice of group volunteer opportunities suited to your company’s interests and availability. Volunteer West Island will liaise with you and with community organizations in need of volunteers and coordinate your company’s chosen volunteer activity with the appropriate group. We provide task descriptions, and sign-up sheets. We issue press releases and send follow-up articles and photos to the newspapers after the event. In addition, we feature your volunteer activity on our Homepage and in our news sheet, “Quoi de neuf” / “What’s new”.

In addition to companies, we are happy to work with community service organizations.

In short, we provide the necessary resources and expertise to make volunteering a rewarding experience for your employees. If your company or group is interested in volunteering, please fill out the form below or call our Corporate Volunteer Recruitment and Community Relations Coordinator, at (514) 457-5445.

With corporate volunteers and community organizations working together, there are endless possibilities for making our community a better place to live, work, and play! Please join the team!

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