About us

About us

Mission statement

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To facilitate volunteerism by recruiting, training and referring volunteers within the Montreal West Island community.

To assist seniors to remain autonomous and break their isolation by developing and implementing social programs.

Vision statement

Growing volunteerism in our community.

Guiding principles

  • To recruit, train, support and recognize volunteers
  • To provide a positive experience for both volunteers and the community.
  • To enhance the quality of life, maintain the dignity and ensure the safety of individuals in the community.
  • To provide a dedicated staff to meet the needs of the organization

The team


Lynda Barrett
Executive Director

Phone: (514) 457-5445, Extension 222
Email: director@volunteerwestisland.org

Kathleen Greenfield Kathleen Greenfield Coordinator, Community Relations Phone: (514) 457-5445, Extension 229 Email: community@volunteerwestisland.org  
Shelley Hayden Shelley Hayden Coordinator, Community Programs Phone: (514) 457-5445, Extension 228 Email: outreach@volunteerwestisland.org  
Andrea DeRome Coordinator, Volunteer Recruitment Phone: (514) 457-5445, Extension 227 Email: volunteers@volunteerwestisland.org  
Amélie Guilbault Food Services Coordinator Phone: (514) 457-5445, Extension 225 Email: vo@volunteerwestisland.org  
Melissa Dickerman Coordinator, Volunteer Recruitment – Youth Phone: (514) 457-5445, Extension 226 Email: rec@volunteerwestisland.org
Nuo (Nora) Xu Nuo (Nora) Xu Accountant Phone: (514) 457-5445, Extension 224 Email: accounting@volunteerwestisland.org  
Renée Depocas Smith Renée Depocas Smith Administrative Assistant Phone: (514) 457-5445, Extension 223 Email: info@volunteerwestisland.org

Board of directors

President: Victoria Jonas

Vice-President: Nancy Christiansen

Secretary: Erica Seabrook

Treasurer: Lorraine Balleine

Member: Carmela Carrara

Member: Diane Fry

Member: Rod Jamgotchian

Executive Director: Lynda Barrett

By invitation only from the Board of Directors
Ambassador: Patricia Empsall

Our reach

West island

We support the following municipalities and boroughs:

  • Baie-D’Urfé
  • Beaconsfield
  • Dorval
  • Dollard-des-Ormeaux
  • Ile Bizard
  • Kirkland
  • Lachine
  • Pierrefonds
  • Pointe-Claire
  • Roxboro
  • Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue
  • Sainte-Geneviève
  • Senneville

History and achievements

Volunteer West Island was established in 1967 as a branch of the Volunteer Bureau of Montreal. With the mandate of promoting volunteerism across the West Island, VWI helped initiate several community services until such groups achieved their independence:

1967: A group of volunteers initiated the umbrella organization known as the West Island Senior Enterprises
1969: The first Meals on Wheels group was started in Lachine; 15 other groups developed through the 70’s and 80’s
1972: A volunteer became a Big Brother and in 1976 Big Brothers became autonomous
1974: The first self-help group in Quebec was formed for multiple sclerosis patients
1975: VWI sponsored a group of volunteers eager to start a Citizen Advocacy program and in 1977 Citizen Advocacy became autonomous
1984: A group of volunteers started a self-help group for people suffering from agoraphobia and one for cancer patients, relatives and friends
1985: A self-help group was formed for shy people and one for diabetics
1988: A self-help group started for those who needed help coping with arthritis

1967-79: We worked from a one-room office, to be welcomed in 1980 to the Glenaladale House. In 1987 we moved to 750 Dawson Avenue in Dorval and shared the facilities with several other community groups. In 1999, a donation was received to develop additional services for seniors. The need to expand and provide further opportunities was a motivation for VWI to move to Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue in 2005.

Programs and services responsive to community needs were developed throughout our history, but more importantly, we are passionate about recruiting volunteers to help strengthen our neighborhoods and support others in achieving their mission.