Janine Johnson, Le Nichoir Volunteer


“Volunteers are the heart of Le Nichoir,” states Susan Wylie, Director of Le Nichoir Wild Bird Rehabilitation Centre. “They are what allows Le Nichoir to pursue its mission of conserving wild birds for our natural heritage through providing professional care to injured and orphaned wild birds, as well as offering environmental education programs. In 2019, the staff cared for over 2,100 injured and orphaned wild birds. This would not have been possible without such a strong volunteer base”.

Janine Johnson is an extremely dedicated volunteer and a regular face at Le Nichoir.  

“I made a point to commit myself to volunteer on a regular basis. Organizations like Le Nichoir rely on volunteer help to care for their ‘patients’; to get the message out about conservation efforts; and to spread knowledge about the organization to those who have never heard of it.


The small part I play in the care for these animals to give them the chance to heal or grow and be released back into the wild, fills me with joy. I am proud to be part of this organization”.

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