Two IQVIA Volunteer Teams and Volunteer West Island Make a Difference at Sun Youth at Christmas!

“Very humbling to provide a small amount of help to what is a well-oiled group of volunteers at Sun Youth! Keep up the great work!” said a member of one of the IQVIA teams of volunteers helping out at Sun Youth the week before Christmas.

Organized at the company level by Client Service Manager Maria Rafeletos and Shannon Cloutier, Technology Solutions Consultant, in collaboration with Volunteer West Island’s Corporate Volunteer Recruitment program, the pre-Christmas activity allowed volunteers to contribute the crucial work Sun Youth does in the community.  Lisa Perrault, Sun Youth’s Coordinator of Volunteer Services, warmly welcomed the IQVIA teams.

Ms Rafeletos shared other comments from her team:

  • “Very humbling experience to be able to help the less fortunate, especially around the holidays.”
  • “Great time…thank you for the very memorable afternoon 😊”
  • “Great eye-opening experience, thank you for all your hard work and dedication!”

Sun Youth, one of Volunteer West Island’s (VWI) community partners, works actively to alleviate poverty and prevent exclusion. The non-profit organization provides individuals and families with a wide range of emergency services such as food, clothing, medical and financial assistance and promotes physical, educational, and intellectual development.

Ms Cloutier summed up her team’s comments about their volunteer experience, saying the initiative was very well organized and ran smoothly, that it was a humbling experience, how happy they were to help others less fortunate. 

Both Ms Cloutier and Ms Rafelatos said how much they and they colleagues T IQVIA were looking forward to working with VWI again to help out at Sun Youth.



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