Corporate Volunteers Partner with Volunteer West Island to Celebrate Thanksgiving at The Teapot 50+ Centre

Once again hard-working volunteers from UPS and Cummins turned out to support The Teapot Seniors’ Centre in Lachine with their annual Thanksgiving Luncheon.  This was truly a team effort, organized at the company level by Rafik Morcos, UPS Customer Solutions Director, and Audrey Daoust, Cummins Operations & Management Administrator, in collaboration with Volunteer West Island (VWI)’s Corporate Volunteer Recruitment program.

The Teapot, a popular, volunteer-driven community organization for seniors provides members with a variety of activities and special events such as the recent Thanksgiving Lunch which featured delicious home-cooked food.  UPS and Cummins volunteers prepared and served the meal, as well as doing the set up and post-event clean-up, thus enabling the Teapot staff to circulate and socialize with their guests.

Thanking VWI, Rafik Morcos of UPS stated, “I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to volunteer and assist at The Teapot this year again. I believe that it was a success and I know that the UPS employees had a great time cooking and serving in the Thanksgiving event”.

The enthusiastic assistance of corporate volunteers from UPS and Cummins, both corporate partners of Volunteer West Island and long-time supporters of The Teapot, certainly added to the enjoyment. Theresa, Teapot Volunteer Support Coordinator, spoke highly of their contribution to the smooth-running of the event, thanking VWI and the companies, and referring to “the wonderful group of volunteers.   Thank you for putting us in touch with them…they were beyond wonderful!”

Nothing succeeds like teamwork!

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