Bristol-Myers Squibb Community Day 2016

BMS Volunteers Celebrate Summer in Style

As summer rolls around, non-profit community groups begin to look forward to the annual visit of volunteers from Bristol-Myers Squibb celebrating their Community Partnership Day. As fall makes its appearance, BMS employees are already planning for next year’s event!

This year again, in collaboration with Volunteer West Island’s Corporate Volunteer Program, over 150 eager, enthusiastic, and hard-working BMS Head Office employees took time off from their daily workplace endeavours to give back to their community through volunteer work. There was something for everyone. An amazing metamorphosis took place as these busy professionals transformed into chefs, bakers, gardeners, environmentalists, animal and bird care helpers, inventory clerks, sorters and distributors, builders, painters and cleaners, all eager to make a difference through their efforts!

Among the many non-profit groups from Montreal and the West Island happy to welcome them back were Animatch, Le Nichoir, Omega Community Resources, Welcome Hall Mission, Moisson Montréal, Centre Multi-ressources de Lachine, WIAIH’s Pat Roberts Centre, Héritage Laurentien, Salvation Army, and Tyndale-St-Georges Community Centre.

In addition to those from the Montreal Head Office, more than 45 volunteers came from the field to participate, including those from the Montreal, Quebec city, Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary and Edmonton areas.

“I am really glad to see so many people welcoming us with open arms”, said Mary Ghattas, Medical Information Specialist and Community Day Coordinator at the company level. “Everyone enjoyed their time! Everyone I spoke to absolutely loved it and cannot wait for the next year!”

BMS Volunteers reach out to the community!

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