Intact Teams Up with Volunteer West Island To Help Welcome Hall Mission in Emergency

Intact volunteers came to the rescue when Welcome Hall Mission recently needed people to step in when another group of volunteers had to cancel. Tania Togias, Volunteer Coordinator and the staff of the Mission were grateful to the Intact employees and greeted them warmly.  Welcome Hall Mission provides crucial services that people depend on and the presence of the Intact Team enabled them to meet their commitments to their clients.
Intact Financial Corporation actively encourages employee involvement through Team Volunteer Days, stating “this popular program promotes teamwork, contributes to the vitality of our communities, impacts employee engagement and is aligned with our social responsibility principle of building strong and resilient communities where we live and work”.

Intact’s Patrick Farley who organized his group’s participation, in collaboration with Volunteer West Island’s Corporate Volunteer Program, spoke of their realization of the importance of the Mission’s work “Yes, … more so when we got a tour of the various services with Maud. It was a fun day and we are very happy that we could make a small difference in people’s lives”. He gave all the credit to the members of the Intact group – the “effective IT project management team!” According to Ms Togias they made a big difference with six Intact volunteers doing the work of 15-20 people!

Nothing compares with the feeling of satisfaction that comes with a job well done!


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