Volunteer Week April 10 – 16, 2016

Come Celebrate with Us!

This year la Fédération des centres d’action bénévole du Québec (FCABQ) has chosen as their theme for Volunteer Week 2016 “Volunteering, a free gesture, a collective impact”English_SAB2016_affiche8_5x11_Eng. Volunteerism is a powerful force for the creation of solidarities in multiple spheres of human endeavour.
Volunteers choose to participate actively to help others, generously giving of their time, skills, and energy. Such actions generate positive impacts for the whole community, as well as for the volunteers themselves; these singular gestures promote personal development and radiate outward, contributing to the emergence of a social conscience for the management of our community environment through community involvement.
Volunteers commit to causes they believe in because these resonate for them, echoing values, fulfilling expectations, and meeting needs. Every volunteer is thus a symbol of solidarity: through their actions, they create and strengthen the social fabric of their communities. As in the “domino effect”, where the slightest movement of any single piece triggers an effect on the whole, every action performed by the more than 2 million active volunteers in Quebec is part of a dynamic movement, producing a chain reaction that benefits the entire community.

As hundreds of organizations celebrate the invaluable contributions of millions of volunteers over the years, we invite you to promote volunteering in your turn, recognizing the impact of those involved in your community!

Created in 1972, FCABQ is a nonprofit organization that brings together 115 volunteer centres (cabs) across Quebec. Its mission is to mobilize support for and represent volunteer centres, stimulating the promotion, recognition, and development of a wide variety of different volunteer practices throughout the communities they serve.

For more information on Volunteer Week 2016, visit the website of the FCABQ, or its Facebook page.

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