VWI and PAIR have joined forces to provide an essential service for West Island residents.

PAIR logoThe PAIR Program is a free automated call service to verify that residents are in good health, or perhaps to remind them to take their medication, thus providing a way for seniors to maintain their autonomy and give their family members peace of mind.

This service is provided by 71 local agencies and covers more than 930 municipalities. In Québec, it has already contributed to saving 300 lives and presently has over 3 800 subscribers.   The group operating this complex computer system is located in LaSalle and was looking for a community group willing to develop it across the West Island. As of January 2016, Volunteer West Island will now carry this service for the West Island. The PAIR program complements VWI’s existing telephone reassurance Contact program.

Subscribers receive calls at predetermined hours, once or more per day.

If the subscriber does not answer the call, an alert is launched.

A verification is systematically engaged by the persons in charge of the system to check if the subscriber is in distress. All emergencies are coordinated by le Vieux Moulin.

VWI will train volunteers to visit seniors in their home and register them for the service.

For additional information or to volunteer please call (514) 457-5445.

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