Volunteer West Island has that certain something

Imagine the possibilities! With volunteers and community groups working together, there are endless possibilities of making our community a better place to live, work and play!

Volunteering has long been a mainstay of West Island life. Volunteer West Island, the only volunteer bureau in the West Island, recruits volunteers for over 140 non-profit organizations. Through VWI’s Individual Volunteer Program, interests and availabilities of prospective volunteers are explored so as to help find the right volunteer opportunity for them.

Students from John Abbott College have led the way, helping community organizations through VWI’s Youth Volunteer Program. As well, many secondary schools encourage students to volunteer as part of their curriculum. Together with assistance from their school’s Community Officers, students decide which skills and strengths they want to further develop to make volunteerism a stimulating and enriching experience through VWI’s Youth in Action Volunteer Challenge, organized in collaboration with the West Island ridings of Nelligan, Jacques-Cartier, Robert-Baldwin and Marquette.

The Mission Statement of many companies includes the crucial component of social responsibility, in terms of giving back to the neighbourhood where they are located through company volunteer initiatives enabling employees to offer their time and energy to local non-profit groups. Volunteer West Island is fortunate to have a large number of dedicated corporate parters who contribute to the betterment of the community through VWI’s strong and growing Corporate Volunteer Program.

Volunteer West Island welcomes volunteers from all walks of life and areas of expertise, offering a wide variety of choices of Individual, Youth, and Corporate volunteer opportunities suited to every interest and schedule.

Volunteer West Island has something for everyone!

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