The CBC Do Crew and Volunteer West Island Team Up To Help Out at Centre Multi-ressources de Lachine!

Referred by Volunteer West Island to Centre Multi-ressources de Lachine, volunteers from the community joined members of the CBC Montreal Do Crew and “swept [their] way through a spring clean-up at [this] Lachine community centre on Monday February 17th”, according to Monique Lacombe, leader of the dynamic Do Crew.

The Centre Multi-ressources de Lachine, a vibrant non-profit community organization that has been an integral part of the Lachine community for almost 30 years, assists young families and seniors in a wide variety of ways. “On a day-to-day basis, volunteers with this group are kept busy with morning check-ins with some local seniors (just to make sure they are doing well), community breakfasts and activity time for parents and tots as well as organizing and leading family outings — and that’s just scratching the surface”, as Monique puts it! This month’s’ Do Crew was warmly received by Marie Tessier, Volunteer Coordinator. and staff members at Centre Multi-ressources, and helped out with a major spring cleaning of the children’s daycare and activity room.

The CBC Do Crew is a volunteer group led by Daybreak’s Monique Lacombe, rounded out by audience members who lend their energy and enthusiasm to volunteering in the community. The Do Crew takes on a different hands-on activity every month. For more information on the Do Crew you can visit the link bellow:

February’s’ CBC Do Crew is all smiles following a few hours of sweeping and scrubbing at the Centre multi-ressources de Lachine.

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