Keep Busy, Get Involved, Volunteer!

Autumn deepens and winter waits in the wings, the temperatures cool, our energy levels rise and we return to our familiar activities – back to school, back to work, back to sports and cultural programs. Life at Volunteer West Island follows a similar pattern.

  • The Youth volunteer programs at Volunteer West Island, organized by Lou-Anne Amabili, are in full swing: Youth in Action has started up again, encouraging high school students in volunteer work throughout the West Island community non-profit organizations.
  • John Abbott College students sign up for Professor Barry Beynolds’s course, Communication & Community, a highly successful partnership with JAC and Volunteer West Island to enable young people to lend a hand in their community.
  • The Young at Heart 50 Plus Club run by Terry Aitken has a new fall schedule of interesting courses and activities for seniors.
  • The popular monthly Seniors’ Café is once again open for business, guided by Margo Donovan and her team of volunteers.
  • Volunteer Coordinator Yolanda Rodriguez has become even busier than usual finding the perfect fit as individual volunteers return after the holiday hiatus, and new volunteers sign up for volunteer opportunities in the West Island.
  • The Corporate & Group Volunteer Program, coordinated by Kathleen Greenfield, gains impetus as new corporate partners join the current ones and employee rosters return to full strength after the holidays. Companies looking for ways to make a difference in the community in which they are located can find a wide variety of possibilities such as Community Action Days, team-building events, seasonal projects, and ongoing volunteer activities throughout the year.
  • The Meals on Wheels/Frozen Meal Programs coordinated by Madeleine Costigan at Volunteer West Island continue to respond to the ever-increasing demand for these crucial services and the 13 West Island MOW kitchens are always happy to welcome new volunteers.
  • Mainstays of the VWI Team, Renée Depocas Smith, Administrative Assistant, and Accountant Nuo Xu assist Executive Director Lynda Barrette in keeping Volunteer West Island running efficiently, supported by teams of volunteer technical experts, teachers, receptionists, cooks and bakers – a good place to be, good place to volunteer!

It is important to support the many non-profit organizations that provide much-needed programs in the West Island. As Director Lynda Barrette states, at some point everyone in the community will need to access one of more of these crucial services. Seasons change, but needs remain. To learn more about Volunteer West Island’s programs and services and to explore the many volunteer options available, please visit VWI’s web site:

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