Keep Busy, Get Involved, Volunteer!

Autumn deepens and winter waits in the wings, the temperatures cool, our energy levels rise and we return to our familiar activities – back to school, back to work, back to sports and cultural programs. Life at Volunteer… Read More

Are you a senior who lives in Kirkland? Meals on Wheels is there for you!

Are you a senior who would like hot meals served to you twice a week? Volunteer West Island has numerous programs and services for seniors, among them our signature program, Meals on Wheels. There are thirteen Meals on… Read More

Margo Donovan: Recipient of Outstanding Seniors Award 2013

Long-time volunteer Margo Donovan has been honoured for her contributions to the West Island community at the recent Outstanding Seniors Award Gala. She was nominated by Volunteer West Island where she has volunteered since 2004 and was among… Read More

The CBC Do Crew and Volunteer West Island Team Up To Help Out at Centre Multi-ressources de Lachine!

Referred by Volunteer West Island to Centre Multi-ressources de Lachine, volunteers from the community joined members of the CBC Montreal Do Crew and “swept [their] way through a spring clean-up at [this] Lachine community centre on Monday February… Read More

Volunteer Trends for Today and Tomorrow

Volunteering is a great place to be! It always has been, and these days, volunteer opportunities include something for everyone: individuals, young people, community service organizations – such as Scouts, religious groups, Rotary Club, sports teams, and so… Read More

Volunteers Make the World Go Round, Especially in Community Work!

Volunteers are strong. Volunteers are open to possibilities. Volunteers use their abilities on behalf of others. Volunteers help non-profit organizations provide crucial services. Volunteers awaken talents they didn’t know they possessed. Volunteers develop new skills. Volunteers are involved… Read More

Volunteer West Island Hosts Cabane a sucre for Volunteers!

Over 100 guests attended Volunteer west Island’s recent celebration, a cabane a sucre luncheon, to recognize and thank volunteers for their contributions. Volunteers from the 13 Meals on Wheels kitchens serving the West Island; Frozen Meals deliverers; in-house… Read More